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Use Of Technology May Have Unforseen Consequences During Divorce

The continuing advances in technology generally serve legitimate purposes.  But in the context of contested litigation—especially in divorce and custody cases—technology can be used to one party’s detriment.

The following precautionary tips are not exhaustive but should be considered as basic steps to protect your privacy and safety.

  1.  Your computer:

– Never use your current email address when communicating sensitive information about your family law case.  Instead consider creating a new email address that you only use for communications with your attorney and her office. 

– When setting up your new email account, make sure to use a pass word that you have never used before and that would not be obvious to your spouse or former boyfriend/girlfriend.

– Purchase a good anti-spyware program and run the anti-spyware on a regular basis

2.    Your cell phone:

– Make sure that no GPS program has been downloaded to your cell phone.  You can contact your telephone company and ask if any new location services were added to your service account.

– Find out from your cell provider who is the main person on the account and who is authorized to make changes, review information and request additional services.  If the existing contract does not protect you from someone tampering with your account services, you should terminate the contract even it costs you money to do so.

– Consider getting a new phone for personal calls.

3.     Your automobile:

– If you believe that you are being followed, or that your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend seems to always know your location, contact the police and ask for assistance in sweeping your car for a possible GPS device.

4.     Your house or apartment:

– Hidden cameras are not as expensive as in the past.  If you feel you are being watched contact law enforcement for assistance.  If you are afraid to make the call, contact New Horizons or another domestic abuse agency and ask for their help in contacting the police.

– Consider installing a camera to provide you with surveillance to show who is coming on your property either when you are not there as well as when you are at home.  This surveillance camera should be directed at your driveway as well as all entry ways into your home and garage.

Always trust your instincts.  If you feel that someone is attempting to violate your privacy or cause you emotional or physical harm, let your friends, attorneys and the police know about your situation.

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