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Citizens join Lincoln and Burnside objection to City of Independence Mine Annexation. Several Town of Arcadia residents who are neighbors with the proposed GUZA mine have joined the Towns of Burnside and Lincoln’s lawsuit objecting to the balloon and string annexation by the City of Independence (Trempealeau County Case No. 14-CV-237 Town of Burnside and Town of Lincoln v. City of Independence). According to the resident’s attorney, Sean O’Flaherty, more than ten property owners are seeking to intervene as additional plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The purpose for the residents’ intervention in the lawsuit is to enable residents of the Town of Arcadia to have a voice in the lawsuit as well as the residents of the Towns of Burnside and Lincoln. The vast majority of the annexation for the proposed GUZA mine is within the Town of Arcadia. The portion of annexation that is subject to be mined is wholly within the Town of Arcadia. The residents anticipate that the Trempealeau County Court will allow their motion to be heard before any settlement in the lawsuit would be able to be considered by the Court. Please contact Sean O’Flaherty, O'Flaherty, Heim, & Curtis Ltd., 201 Main Street, 10th Floor, La Crosse, WI 54601 at (608) 784-1605 with any further questions regarding this matter.