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New Drafting Rule for Attorney-Mediators

Written by: Attorney Judith E. Payne October 9th, 2017 Lawyer-Mediators can now draft settlement agreements   On July 1, 2017, an amendment was made to the Supreme Court Rules that now will permit lawyers who mediate family law cases to … Continue reading

Different circumstances call for different mediation styles

Written by: Attorney Judith E. Payne September 21st, 2017 Now that you have decided to use mediation for your divorce, you need to know how the mediator might approach your situation and what the right style might be for you … Continue reading

Why Choose Mediation for Your Divorce?

Written by: Attorney Judith E. Payne September 14th, 2017 You’ve decided that the marriage is over, but you and your spouse want to resolve things amicably – without a big court fight. Where do you start? Family law mediation is … Continue reading

WIPFLI LLP’s 2015 “Good News/Bad News” Annual Tax Letter

WIFPLI Good News-Bad News Letter 2015 (01757998x7F7F7) (2)

Court of Appeals Broadly Construes Dog Bite Liability Statute

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Supreme Court Rules That Term In Commercial Lease Means Only What It Means, Nothing More

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